A Wedding Box Wedding Cakes

A Wedding Box bakers and cake decorators have over 20 years of combined experience making wedding cakes. Our cakes are made from scratch with the finest ingredients available to insure a very moist delicious cake. We can make butter cream icing or Kari’s marshmallow cream fondant that taste amazing! Kari and Sissy make many edible candy marshmallow flowers that may be colored any color to match your wedding and matching cake toppers. Our cake stands will never fall and do not have to be disassembled to serve. You can rent one of our cake stands to make your cake really stand out or our rolling cake presentation table!

One hour cake consultations are usually scheduled at your venue and includes: Cake design drawings and a tasting of three flavors of your choice.

Bride’s Cake Flavors: Sissy’s Almond Mishap - Amaretto - A Bettercreme - Yellow French Crème - Italian Crème - Cowboy Orange Almond - Pineapple - Strawberry - Raspberry - Godiva White Chocolate with Champagne

Groom’s Cake Flavors: L-Town Chocolate Chip - Decadent Fudge - German Chocolate - Hazelnutty - Red Velvet - Red Dirt Mudslide - Wichita Walnut Cheesecake is available for bride’s or groom’s cakes.

Filling Flavors: Sissy’s Almond Mishap - Pineapple - A Bettercreme Crème - Red Dirt Mudslide Mousse - Fudge Amaretto Mousse - German Chocolate - Lemon - Decadent Fudge - Amaretto - Raspberry - Cowboy Orange - Italian Crème - Strawberry - Kahula/Mocha - Raspberry - Turtle Fudge - Godiva white Chocolate

Butter Crème Icing Flavors: Amaretto - A Bettercrème - Red Dirt Mudslide - Godiva White Chocolate - Crème Cheese - Godiva Milk Chocolate - Godiva White or Chocolate Gonash

Fondant icing flavor is Kari's Marshmallow Cream

Groom's Cakes - Decoration Level 1 $2.50 per serving - Level 2 $3.00 per serving

Wedding Cakes - Decoration Level 1 $3.50 per serving - Level 2 $4.00 per serving - Level 3 $4.50 per serving

Lawton delivery fees are $25 and there is a $50 deposit for cake stands. There is no delivery fee or cake stand deposit if A Wedding Box is scheduled to be at your event for additional services.