You have a busy schedule and need help planning every detail or your wedding which is just around the corner and you are stressed over the final details. Maybe you thought planning your wedding would be fun but it has now become a bit overwhelming. Whatever your situation, A Wedding Box has a custom package to fit all of your exact needs. Having a wedding consultant isn’t a luxury, it is a wise choice which saves you frustration, time and money.

A Wedding Box can help you from the moment of your engagement to the after wedding thank you notes or just hold your hand on your wedding day...what ever your heart desires.

We bring your vision, ideas and style together with our experience to customize a wedding that is perfect and uniquely yours, stress-free and within your budget.

With A Wedding Box you always have the guidance of a professional in the palm of your hand. If you have wedding planning questions, A Wedding Box has the expert answers, tips and planning secrets!

You can get free planning advise!
♥ By “liking” and posting your questions to our Facebook page.
♥ Reading the articles we write and post to our website. (Coming 3/1/2015 and updated weekly.)
♥ Reading the questions and answers we post to our blog. (Coming 3/1/2015 and updated weekly.)

All of our packages include unlimited text and email for advice and support. Wondering if you need a guest book attendant or where your step-mother should sit? Just text or email us for all your expert answers.

Our packages are based on how much help you need, not how much money you have. All pricing is detailed in our brochure up front so you don’t have to wait for a quote.

During your initial consultation our experienced consultant will walk you through the entire process from designing to the schedule and flow of your special day.

You are engaged and by now your phone is full of photos and ideas but maybe you don’t know where to start. Do you need a wedding consultant or maybe just a little advise and direction? Some consultants are not willing to give you any advice without first putting money down. At A Wedding Box, our consultants never charge you for advise and our initial free consultation may be all you may need to get organized and get a stress free sense of direction.


Lawton Wedding Planner Packages

You have time to locate your vendors, shop for decorations and accessories and you enjoy doing all the legwork for your wedding. You have friends and family to help you do all of the running around and set-up and on your wedding day, but you want your wedding to run smooth and organized. A Wedding Box DIY package is like having a professional wedding planner in your pocket.
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You have almost everything planned and under control for your wedding but you want a professional coordinator to plan and orchestrate your rehearsal, ceremony and possibly your reception so it runs smoothly. A Wedding Box Ceremony Only coordinating package will do just that!
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You have time and enjoy planning your location, vendors and decorations for your wedding but you want a team of professionals to take care of all the details the entire day of your wedding so you are stress free and can enjoy your perfect special day. A Wedding Box will be with you or at your locations from sunup to sundown if necessary to make that happen!
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You may not need a wedding coordinator for the day of your wedding, but you do need a professional to give you a plan and direction. A Wedding Box planning package will save you time, money and frustration while giving you piece of mind.
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This package is for you if you only want the fun parts of planning your wedding. You want to choose your flowers, cake, décor and you want your vision to be carried out but you want a professional to do the legwork for you. You want to be catered to and for all the choices to be brought to you and laid out in front of you. A Wedding Box will professionally coordinate your rehearsal, ceremony and reception so you will have a carefree wedding day, while you enjoy your family, friends and engagement.
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